90 days with Ultraceuticals: Part Two

I’m into my second month of treatments and skincare with the Ultraceuticals RVR90 programme and I’ve started to notice a little something I like to call “The Ultra Effect”.

The Ultra effect looks something like this: skin that is glowing, hydrated and blemish free, a renewed sense of self-confidence, the desire to wear little to no makeup and endless compliments from friends, family and colleagues.

The second phase of my treatments with Ultraceuticals took place over April, which happened to be a pretty busy month for me. I had scheduled a photo shoot for my blog and was then playing bridesmaid for one of my best friends at her wedding mid-April. Needless to say, I needed glowing skin without the downtime.

My lovely therapist (and new best friend) Rebecca knew exactly what to do. My first treatment fell the day just before my photoshoot, so she suggested we go with a Mandelic Peel and Ultra Replenishing Mask. The Mandelic Peel would perform a really deep cleanse and exfoliation on my skin as well as targeting any stubborn patches of pigmentation. The Mandelic Peel is a great option for those wanting maximum results, without the downtime. I don’t suffer from flaky skin after this treatment so I knew it would do the trick.

Once the peel had been removed, Rebecca applied the Ultra Replenishing Mask.

Just a side note about this mask: everyone needs it in their beauty cabinet, and I’ll tell you why…

This rich, non-greasy mask replenishes vital hydration levels in the skin, resulting in a complexion that is visibly more supple and plump. It’s perfect for particularly parched or stressed skin or skin that is recovering from treatment or surgery. A thick layer is applied to the face and neck and left for 5-10 minutes. After this time, the mask can be massaged into the skin or removed with warm water. At home, I generally massage the excess into my skin and leave on overnight as a supercharged night cream.

While the mask worked its hydrating magic on my skin, Rebecca treated me to a sublime hand massage which just about sends me off to sleep. She then removes the excess of the mask before infusing my usual cocktail of Ultra Brightening Serum, Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum and my favourite SPF moisturizer.

Rebecca sends me off with the Ultra Replenishing Mask to apply the night before my friend’s wedding (for that extra glow!) and Ultra Clear Spot Treatment, because no bridesmaid should be without an emergency spot treatment!

My skin for both the wedding and photo shoot was honestly the best I’ve ever seen it. The comments and compliments I received during both these events (and continue to receive at work and home) have boosted my skin confidence in ways I never thought possible. As someone who’s battled blemish prone, congested skin for most of their teenage and adult life, I can finally say I am happy in my skin, and I really have Ultraceuticals and Serendipity to thank for that.


At my friends wedding with my bridesmaid buddy, Kim (right)

At my friends wedding with my bridesmaid buddy, Kim (right)

A couple of weeks after the wedding I returned to Serendipity absolutely bursting with pride. I couldn’t wait to show Rebecca photos of my skin from the previous couple of weeks. We took some more photos on the Ultraceuticals imaging machine (all to be revealed in my last blog post!) and then settled in for another treatment.

Rebecca started with a microdermabrasion (which I find oddly relaxing, is it just me?) followed by LED light therapy and finished with the Ultraceuticals Brightening Accelerator Mask. Available as a salon treatment only, this mask contains Rumex Occidentals and Hexylresorcinol to inhibit melanin production and brighten the skin, as well as a blend of AHA’s and BHA’s to help lift surface pigment. While the mask is on, I am treated to another massage before Rebecca gently removes it and replenishes my skin with my usual serums and SPF moisturizer before I head off into the afternoon sun.  

I am warned my pigmentation might get darker before it faded, but this mask must be a miracle in a bottle because it has completely vanished.

The results of Ultraceuticals skincare and treatment really must be seen to be believed, and I can’t believe I’m going into my last phase of the RVR90 progamme. Stay tuned for more!



LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Brightening Accelerator Mask

Brightening Accelerator Mask